Vote Smart: Mitt Romney

In my opinion the candidate who has had the most daunting uphill battle in communicating his ideas is Mitt Romney. What does everyone know about Romney? He’s a crazy Mormon! For a lot of voters of the evangelical ilk that is enough to dismiss him outright. For others it doesn’t matter. Thinking that because he has been a successful business man he will be a successful state leader is the logic at work in most of Romney’s supporters. But what about that flip-flopping issue? The last guy from Massachusetts who did that lost to the supposedly incompetent George W. Bush. Let’s see what his adversaries say about him on the old abortion issue.

You can watch the YouTube videos of him taking an “I don’t impose my beliefs on anyone” view (which is effectively pro-choice). They are somewhat interesting. Or! You can go to Project Vote Smart and… Crap they don’t have anything on him.

Well don’t vote for him. He is a Mormon flip-flopper! Though he does like Roy Orbison’s music. Hmmm. I guess this website will have to do. See also Wiki’s profile.

(It looks like Project Vote Smart doesn’t have records for Mayors and Governors which makes it pretty useless for evaluating Romney, Huckabee, and Giuliani).


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