Vote Smart: Hillary Clinton

Keeping with “change” as the magic word of this election season the possibility of electing the first woman to the presidency in our nation’s history is a real one. Hillary Clinton is banking not only on her experience and Clinton-esque reputation, but also being a symbol of triumph over the oppressive forces of sexism. Don’t think it’s serious? It really is. 100 years ago women couldn’t even vote. I’ll admit, my own passion for equality makes me sympathetic to the cause of seeing an icon of rational femininity take the “big boys” to task.

But of course, on the old campaign trail this card seems to be getting played as if it were from a newbie poker player with a huge tell:

Seriously, is this for real? A couple of patriarchy-mongles bring in huge yellow signs saying “Iron my shirt?” Can’t say I believe it since Hillary’s campaign has been known for planting questions, and the fact the outbursts came at such a convenient time in her speech. Looks like a bluff and smells like a bluff if you ask me. Sure, I aint got no proof, but I don’t have to lay the chips down on the table either.

At any rate, Project Vote Smart has got the skinny on Hillary’s voting record and special interests. They even got a category for “Women’s issues.” Breaking the barrier would be a cool thing, but take a look at what could break the barrier and decide.

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