Vote Smart: John Edwards

It’s an election year and if you have had your head in the sand the news has been all about the primaries. I am pretty sure the Democrats will win the presidency since there is a such a cultural discontent with Bush and the Republicans at large. But that doesn’t stop the vapid campaigning and empty rhetoric that spills over into the media that seems to think that sound bites are a sufficient for informing the public. The substance of multifaceted and complex issues is reduced to a few sentences mostly about nothing. Of course, some media outlets see this as insufficient and seek to give us other reasons to vote for someone as helpfully outlined by this video produced by The Onion.

Apparently the buzzword this year for the Democrats is “change.” Watching this clip, John Edwards defends Obama by using the word “change” ten times in a point he repeats three times about being attacked by the “status quo.”

Clinton’s response was actually quite substantive at least in terms of exposing the vacuity of Edwards’ discourse (change isn’t about stating what you believe, it’s about working hard), and brought things back to what Obama began with: not distorting records and being straight about the issues.

Project Vote Smart is a helpful website that gives you a look at a candidate’s record. Today’s profile is of Mr. Change himself: John Edwards. It may be true that Edwards has not “taken a dime” from special interest groups, as his ad claims:

But that does not mean he doesn’t support their platforms. Vote Smart shows what interest groups has supported and hasn’t supported in the late 90s and early 2000s. It isn’t apparent he has changed his positions since then otherwise he might be considered conservative. Here’s his stance on the issues and his voting record. Isn’t it great? Now with full integrity you can display this sign in your neighborhood, bumber, or bedroom:


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