Yesterday I thought I had to give a speech for today. It turns out it was yesterday. In the last month have been writing a 20 page paper for my major and had to give a 10 minute presentation summarizing it in front of my cohort for my final grade. For some reason January 8th was in my head. I don’t know why, because we have always met on Monday evenings, never a Tuesday.

I emailed my professor yesterday asking him, “Where are we meeting tomorrow?” No reply. I went home and resolved to spend the evening working on my speech. However, I do not have a printer and thought it would be a good idea to print out my paper so I could highlight the sections I wanted to emphasize. Maybe the school library would be open? Gave them a call and found out they closed at 7:00. Too far away and I would have to drive through rush hour. Then I got the crazy idea: let’s go back to work and print it out there! Pretty good idea, huh?

I got to work and printed out the paper. While I was waiting I checked my email and saw that there were no messages. I visited the class webpage to see if there were any updates as to where we would be meeting. Nothing. I thought, “What the heck, let’s check my email again.” Lo and behold there was a message from my professor, “Hi Adam, we are meeting tonight in R308. Hope you get this in time.” Tonight? Tonight!?


I rushed home, put on the nicest thing I could find, and made my way through bumper to bumper traffic and found my class well prepared for the speech complete with outlines and visual aids. I got docked for not having an outline, but I let a few of my classmates go first (I usually go first) and wrote an outline on the back of my paper and got up there and banged it out. It was my best speech to date.

And that’s how I roll.

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