Love Poetry Fridays

These haikus sum up conversations and/or instances I had with someone special over the holidays.

We talked quietly
You said I wear the same clothes
Only have t-shirts

Travels and Such
So you lived in Prague?
Didn’t know you were cultured
I lived by Des Moines

It’s Hard to Keep Up
We cross-country skied
You wanted to be alone
More fun when there’s one

Could Have Been Bad
Skating on the pond
We both nearly collided
Glad I didn’t fall

Sweeney Todd
Had to close my eyes
The guy sitting next to you
made comments. You laughed.

Christmas Gifts
New Rollerblade wheels
Were not as fun as your gift
Yummy Nutella

4 thoughts on “Love Poetry Fridays

  1. Chris,

    Rebecca tells me you are her friend and that you have been a reader of this blog for awhile. And that you live in England. Very cool.

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