Can You Feel the Love Tonight?

It’s a snowy holiday week here in Minneapolis. Many a snowplow abound. They like to come through every 25 minutes on the street I live on. Each one sounds a little different. For example, there is the grader-type:

These guys have a heavy grind and a loud engine that pass by rather slowly. At about 1:00 AM in the morning a heavy shake of the house makes for a pleasant wake-up. As long as you don’t pee your pants, of course. Then there is the dump truck type:

Stay back stay alive. That’s what it’s all about. At about 1:30 these little suckers rumble by complete with a flashing light and everything. Their job is to lay down about 2 inches of salt and/or bury your car. The poor bastards who get buried might as well leave it there and let the tow trucks fish it out. Serves em right. Except when it happens to me.

Moving on… the pick up plows move in to clear the parking lots at about 3:00AM:

That’s an iStock photo. Google Image search. Pretty sweet, huh? They take about an hour to do their dirty work and always push their snow over into my sidewalk. They like to make sure I have extra work to do simply because I don’t own a snow blower. After that a guy who lives down the street zips by on this thing about 13-14 times plowing the side-walk  on the opposite side of the street and more less runs head long into snow banks.

Truly I envy him. Many times I weep with bitterness as I scoop shovel after shovel off my sidewalk as he does donuts in the middle of Chicago Ave. I could go on about the stunning variety snow blowers but why? I’m not really sure what the point of this post was now. Something to do about about noise and snow removal. There you go.


One thought on “Can You Feel the Love Tonight?

  1. Sarah says:

    I once got to ride all night in a MNdot dump truck plow. It was pretty sweet!!! Those MNdot guys revel in burying things with snow.

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