A New Day…

Merry Christmas readers!

Ochuk’s blog is in flux… or at least for now.

Long story short, I do not have either the time or the money to maintain an outdated version of WordPress on my own personal host. Spam bots have beat the old site into submission. Posts and comments have been lost mysteriously. My archives are backed up, but cannot be transferred for the time being. Moreover, the pressures of going to school and working full time has taken a toll on the quality of content on the site (if it had any to begin with) that I just can no longer tolerate.

So… what does that mean? Update your RSS readers (if you are into that sort of thing) and don’t expect “expert commentary” on much. This blog is going to be dedicated to disseminating pointless drivel and personal minutia like the rest of them.

I do have my old site backed up, but I do not know how to transfer its content to this one. Maybe some genuise internet-code monkey who wants to work for free will help me? I doubt it and so should you.

Other than that… I got a pair of shorts for Christmas. Must be because it is so hot outside. Awesome (thanks mom and dad!).


6 thoughts on “A New Day…

  1. Adam,

    With the Christmas money that you received from Saint Nicholas, you should buy a new winter coat to go along with those hot looking shorts Mom gave you. Perfect outfit for Frisbee in the winter.

    Love, Dad

  2. Hot Shorts!? I want to see a picture! Welcome to wordpress…I just moved to wordpress as well…there are some limitations, but it is way worth the peace of mind and saved time. I will update my Google Reader.

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